In the blink of an eye _Walter Murch _ISBN 1-879505-62-2
The Conversations _ Michael Ondaatje_ISBN 978-14008800119

☞ Walter Murch and the art of editing film

Art of the cut _ Steve Hullfish_ISBN 978-1-138-23866-4

☞ Conversations with film and TV editors

Grammar of the edit _ Christopher J.Bowen_ISBN 978-1-138-63220-2

☞ A step by step from M. Bowen’s coursebook

The technique of film and video editing _ Ken Dancyger_ISBN 978-0-240-80765-2

☞ History, theory and practice

The technique of film editing _ Karel Reisz and Gavin Millar_ISBN 978-0-240-52185-5 Finecuts _ Roger Crittenden_ISBN 978-1138201996

☞ Interviews on the practice of european film editing

Nonlinear _ Michael Rubin_ISBN 978-0937404850

☞ A field guide to digital film and video editing

On film editing _ Edward Dmytryk_ISBN 978-0240517384 

Cut to the chase _ Bobbie O’Steen_ISBN 978-0941188371

☞ Forty-five years of editing America’s favorite movies

Pretty as a picture _ Elizabeth Little_ISBN 978-0670016396

☞ A nice novel featuring an editor !